MiniDev is a a little robot software, meant to assist you throught out the day, his functions are described below

Latest Version: 1.0.9

To Do list:

Create however many task lists you need, and however many tasks you need.

Simply click on your task to mark or unmark it.


No idea what to read? MiniDev can pull books and mangas for you (there will be more things in the future)

Open Apps or projects

Drag and drop a shortcut to an app to add it to your app list, boom, now you can easy acces it from the menu

Drag and drop your project on to MD and he will save it and allow you to acces it from the menu. You have a project in an app that only 5 people use? Well, no worries you can add your own project extensions that MiniDev will save.


Save notes!

Name your notes!

Make however many you want!


Let MD remind you to study, walk the dog or whatever else you need, can be a silent reminder or with a ringtone!

Check the Weather:

Thanks to vita‌ ‌@yuyudev‌ ‌on‌ ‌twitter. MiniDev is able to check the weather and moonphase


MiniDev has 760+ customization elements:

23 types of clothes, each avalible in 35 colors

5 expressions (only in the Original Shell) also each avalible in 35 colors

6 outfits, 4 are unlocked by dressing like other ghosts

21 skin colors, ranging from white and black to blue and purple

You can also customazie MiniDevs name and character traits

Character traits are more explained in MiniDev


Find clues and discover the story hidden inside MiniDev alongs side his hidden functions.

To begin your adventure go to you SSP preferences (either by |right click menu -> options -> preferences| or |functions -> open SSP preferences|) and make sure the developer options box is checked

Ctrl + s -- this is script input, you can use it to make the charater say something but for the MD story purposes you need to remember that all things starting with "\!" should be used there.

First Clue is hidden on this page

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